Milano Fashion Week – Roberto di Stefano debuts with the first chapter of his “PORTRAIT” project.

Six women and six authentic sustainability stories support the brand’s philosophy.

Olga Pirazzi,Valeria Mosca, Orietta Pellizzari, Cosetta Giorgetti, Chiara Tronville and Giorgia Cantarini

are the faces featured in Portrait for the fashion week.

Roberto di Stefano has decided to present, during the Milano Fashion Week, his first vegan collection with a campaign on the brand’s social media, also launching the collaboration with Desserto®, a Mexican company that has patented an innovative material obtained from the cactus. The brand is the first in Italy to develop an entire collection of contemporary luxury bags with this synthetic leather, marking a vital renovation for the brand that today has become entirely sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

“The last few years gave me the chance to think about many aspects of my life” – says Roberto di Stefano – “and I decided that my bag collection should have been in line with the change. I felt the need for a strong renewal. The collection is now 100% vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. It is a small step but necessary to move towards a more conscious fashion. There are still many prejudices regarding vegan fashion, but in my collection, I want to bring together design and an image with sustainable and never predictable content”.

From this stems the necessity to send a message, the desire to spread the stories of six women who share and support these values every day in different ways and fields. And the desire to prove that with constancy, research,belief in your principles, it is possible to achieve results that bring quality and respect for the environment, animals, and people. Because that’s what sustainability is all about: a lifestyle. It is a word rich in nuances and with various meanings, which sometimes risk being trivialized. 

Here they are:  Olga Pirazzi, head of sustainable fashion of the Fondazione Pistoletto, which have been providing support to young designers and their green projects for a long time; Chiara Tronville, a journalist from D La Repubblica, has always been sensitive to sustainability issues and the positive change in the fashion world; Orietta Pellizzari, the consultant in sustainability for the National Chamber of Italian Fashion; Valeria Margherita Mosca deals with foraging, and she set up wood*ing, a food lab that does research, consulting and training on the use of wild food in cooking and cosmetics; Cosetta Giorgetti, a makeup artist who has always been vegan, she follows a responsible lifestyle and today she owns an organic beauty line, Co_Organic Skincare; Giorgia Cantarini, a talent scouter & editor, works as a project consultant for Pitti Uomo in the field of sustainable fashion. 

The character of these six women has been told and conveyed through a series of portraits and a video directed by Federico Ghiani about their vision and daily commitment to green issues (sustainability, cruelty-free, vegan) and to promote sustainable innovation. The campaign will be available on the official brand’s social media.